I freelance in Radio and Audio production. My skills and knowledge lie in editing, producing, interviewing, studio operations. I can use a number of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, WordPress and Youtube.

The Economist Audio Edition

I began working on the project as a proofer and then trained as an editor which I now do regularly. Within editing I can edit up to 6 voices a day, at the end of the day, I am able to conduct delivery which involves tagging the audio files with metadata and zipping to send.

In regards to Production Manager Cover, I have been able to do this since May 2017. I run the day getting in first setting up the main production room for myself and the pronunciation manager. I will assign all the articles to the 6 voice-overs, making sure recording and editing are keeping to schedule. I will deal with any problems ranging from studio setup, the reading of an article, an edit or proofing problem, at the end of the day I will approve every article. I assist with delivery. Throughout the day I will look after 20 people and I recently PM’d The World in 2018 issue.

The Economist Audio Edition is produced by Somethin Else.

Classic FM / Smooth Radio

Working in the on-air studios on live and pre-recorded programming.

Classic FM I use the system Zetta, driving the desk for a number of presenters including Catherine Bott, Jane Jones and Bill Turnbull. I am ISDN trained and work with a number of presenters down the line and have talkback etiquette. On pre-recorded programming; I keep all programming to time and edit any links accordingly. In the week I will assist cover presents by running their desk.

Smooth Radio I use the playout system Genesys. I work on the Saturday Sanctuary presented by Paul Phear. Checking links and segueing the programming to time. I am able to switch between local and network transmission.

Made in Manchester

Tasked with recording interviews with a range of people, interviews differ between tape sync and self-conducted. I have self-conducted interviews for the Radio 2 documentary The Story of the Light, interviewees included Barry Cryer, June Whitfield, and the late Brian Matthew as well as this I conducted an interview with Lord Steel about the abortion act for Seriously?… It’s My Baby To, on Radio 4. I recorded a number of tape sync interviews these included a number of interviews for 5 Live The Day I Met Diana Doc and also for a World Service documentary in Dublin for the programme Europe’s world on Drugs.

Interviews included:
Sara Orchard – BBC World Service – The Documentary: Sports Commentary 90 Years
Lord Steel – BBC Radio 4 – Seriously…: It’s My Baby Too
Barry Cryer, Denis Norden, June Whitfield, Brian Matthews, Pete Murray, Johnny Beerling, Paul Hollingdale and Brain Reynolds – BBC Radio 2 – “The Story of The Light”

Tape-sync/with Presenter interviewees include:
Esther Vergeer – BBC World Service – Sporting Witness
Sir Cliff O’Gorman, Sir Brian Hill, Jacques Azagury, Paul Costelloe, Sharon Smith, Catherine Morgan – BBC 5Live and BBC Radio Wales – “Day I Met Diana”
Senator Aodhan O’Riordan, Stephen Rae, Anna Quigley with Paul Williams Interviewing – BBC World Service – The Documentary: Europe’s Drug Wars 

Ventnor Fringe 

Working for the Ventnor Fringe for 3 years, I get drawn into volunteering with the media team as a podcaster. I recorded a number of interviews with performers throughout the week to put on our daily podcast. As well as this, in 2017 and booked a number of the guests for the morning Fringe Review Show. When I have conducted the interviews and collected the Fringe Review show audio, will sometimes edit but this is mainly down to the Podcast Manager who collates this and uploads to the Fringe Review podcast and our daily podcast to the fringe’s Mixcloud and shares on all the social media sites throughout the festival.

The festival has now past its 8th year and this year ran the VIF: Ventnor International Festival alongside the fringe. For this, we created a one-off podcast for the day. I interviewed over half of the music acts on during the day and music from their performances. Miri the podcast manager then sat and did an amazing job in creating the one of the podcast that really captured the sound and vibe of the day. (You can listen to this via the link below).

The experience of working on the fringe is fun, fast and inspiring with getting to see a number of creatives in action this be theatre, music, art or comedy.


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