The Story of The Light

Since late 2016 I have been working the production company Made in Manchester on a programme for BBC Radio 2 called “The Story of the Light”.

The programme, presented by Paul O’Grady, celebrates the life before Radio 2, The Light Programme. Running from 1945-1967, the channel had a mix of comedy, light entertainment, music and drama that catered for the post war audience that needed something uplifting after this dark time in their lives.

The programming on the channel has influenced a lot of the entertainment that we consume today on radio and TV more than you may realise with talent shows and comedy such as The Goon Show which went on to influence Monty Python.

All before in 1967 the channel split into two creating the Radio 1 and 2 that we know today.

Working with producers Derek Webster and Ashley Byrne I conducted interviews with a number of contributors to the programme. This included Barry Cryer, Dennis Norden, Dame June Whitfield, Paul Reynolds, Pete Murray, Johnny Beerling and the late Paul Hollingdale and Brian Matthews.

It is a two part programme and you listen to both episodes here:

The Story of The Light – BBC Radio 2


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