I’m sitting at my desk conceptive pill box in one hand, looking back and forth from it to a website showing the range of possible combined pills you can get from the doctors or even buy online. Why?

I’d told my new Doctor the wrong pill I have to stop spotting between my periods, I was on the Implant, and after past experience of low moods and breast problems with past pill’s I wasn’t taking one I wasn’t used to. As I searched for the right pill, I thought there must be an easier way for me to have my contraception and periods.

I found the right pill then recalled the conversation I had with my doctor when I was last there leaving with the wrong pill, he asked if I had considered the coil, saying it is one of best against getting pregnant and near equal to male sterilisation…

So I got my legs in the air and started to be measured for the coil. I had the option of 3 IUDs (Intrauterine Device) which two were hormonal ones similar to my implant but are localised so you get less side affects but lighter periods. But I wanted to start from scratch no hormones, due to previous breast problems I’d had.

Oh yes you have to get your womb measured, I was big enough to get the 10 year coil and if I forget I’ve got it in then I’ve probably got a couple more months in it as well. After a couple of prods in what felt like two horrible period cramps I was given a bit of numbing gel and then bam she had put the coil in. Pants back on and quick chat, I’d booked my check up appointment and was off to get the tube.

This is where I will advise, if you decided to get an IUD as soon as you leave have two ibroprophean as you will have some of the worst period cramps of your life. Your womb is trying to work what the f**k you have just done to it, after that it is just uncomfortable and then your fine. And worried about the nurse seeing your vag? She has seen loads, probably more than any 15 year old has seen in his first year of watching porn.


So why am I detailing my trip to the lady clinic to get copper wire shoved up my vagina and cervix? The little copper coil is a small part of a very bigger picture of consent, birth control, abortion and female health’s understanding.

As the weeks went on from having the coil I felt the benefits and realised it was a great decision I made and then I felt anger, that I didn’t know about this, actually no one every told me about the pill as well so how I would find out about the coil was such a long way away. I’d wasted 5 years having the wrong contraception for me, to then find our the 15 types and more within that of forms.


6 months on since getting the coil I have watched Trump reinstate the Mexico City policy, stealthing, girls in the UK not getting basic education on menstruation and access to sanitary products, the rise of the moon cup, male contraception trials and women in NI now being able to get abortions for free in Great Britain on the NHS.

In an article in The Economist Britain is praised for is range and access to contraception compared to other countries who resort to abortion as a form of contraception. We are leading the way providing 15 types of contraception. However, we have a lot of steps to take. Our school education is seriously lacking in the basics in teaching teenagers about is happening to their bodies. An article on BBC Online and section on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour highlights how girls did not know what was going on when their periods started, meaning they took time off school plus they didn’t have the funds or access to sanitary products is a big concern.

A harsh view at this is these girls are being punished to access their right to education and life quality because of the countries’ lack in care and understanding for what is Mother Nature.

Women will always have periods and babies and as a country we are at the forefront of of giving women the ability to manage these two aspects of their lives, providing better medical care, education and social understanding.

Instead of sitting in anger, confused and having a bra burning moment, there are moments of feminism that takes me there. Then be encouraged that in 2019 all schools will teach compulsory sex education starting at the age of 4 about meaningful relationships it will also include birth control, sex, relationships and sexuality. Until then talk to each other about periods, sex, birth control if you are angered by your lack of knowledge when you were young because no one spoke to you then maybe we have to be the ones to start speaking and googling.

Don’t spend 5 years having the wrong contraception, go on to the NHS website and look though the range and go to your doctors and own this.

We are privileged to live in a country that provides birth control; lawful abortions and a range of sanitary products. Lets not forget that this.



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