My virtual pictures only tell of the best bits

Instagram this year it reached 500 million users, that is nothing compared to Facebook, which nears to 2 billions users.

That is a lot of people and I am one of them, check it first when I get up while the kettle is boiling and then continuously throughout the day in, which I will spend thinking will this make a great photo for Instagram or that was a missed opportunity of a good Instagram photo. Why because I have created a collection of lovely, experience filled and the best bits of my life on my feed. Like many and other social media platforms I only share the good stuff.

Cherry Healy recently posted on her Instgram a picture of her son hitting reaching a walk on his push bike off the straight track. Within the written part of the post she talks the walls we hit, and usually the mental ones, which are created by ourselves and especially after scrolling through social feeds and feeling your life is not as good as others. We curate these perfect lives as she says “you never seen pictures of Gwyneth crying in the laundry room because another actress got her dream gig or because the cat pooed on the clean sheets” and carries on to say “you’d never really know how happy/unhappy I was from my feed”.

Same as Cherry you would not know how I have actually been for the part few months. It wasn’t good I felt like I had hit a brick wall and got wedged in it and just could not get out. Worrying about the future of my career, money and being emotional drained from working nearly every day. It was covered with lovely pictures of trips to the pub. It did not tell you of the full on crying that came out of me one night, which even shocked me. Or the times I would just sit at my desk and not able to do anything even send an email as all the motivation had been sucked out of me.

As well as this I was prone to scrolling though and comparing what I was up to others, they had a longer and better holiday than me, their career is really taking off or they went out for a really nice meal. We can’t help but compare ourselves but fuelling the fire does not help and just wedged me into the wall more.

However let me tip this all on it head for a moment …because of Instgram I walked to the top of Ben Nevis, I fed a giraffe, I go to exhibitions, I walked up a lot of towers recently in Italy, really improved my face painting skills for Halloween and I have tried out a of new beers. This app has spurred me to things so I can share them and while I’m de-wedging myself from the walk that I am doing things, I’m interesting and equal to others in different ways. My feed is my path and like it should be going different than others.

I maybe still half stuck in the wall but you know what I am kick ass and I’m when I’m fully de-wedged I’m ready for the next wall and the wall after that, however I might not tell you.


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