Lump 1 and 2

Lump, Lump, Lump, in spring 2013 I found one on the side of my left breast, this grape shaped blob had parked up and the soreness was rising like the drop in a house track. I rang the doctors and the powers from above made it so I was in later that day. So off I went in an oddly short dress in the sun to get some feeling up.

I went in quickly and was up on the bed, tit out, even the tea lady tried to come in and have peep. Bit of prodding, and yes it is sore, it was thought to be a cyst but to know for sure a referral to the breast clinc.

Now you know how we moan about we have to wait so much to get an appointment? Well I got one very soon, however it was bang in the middle of a week of events with my student radio station, so I delayed it. I didn’t want to have to break the news I was going to get me tit felt up and scaned.

My tit got sorer, I over thought the whole affair only told my mother and then to the point I was clutching my boob I finally told my boyfriend who went ‘oh dear’ and said he would come with me to the breast clinic. It was then my mum worried he would be bored and needed reading material however, I was in the mist of what is a suitable thing to wear to the hospital to get your boob looked at. Before I knew it I was in a vest and forgotten to get reading material, standing studying the map outside Northwick Park hospital, which apparently is where they recorded Green Wing.

We turned up late and in the wrong place to finally sit in front of some horrificly painted doors in I suppose a poo brown. Thankfully we didn’t stare at these long and I was in there on the bed tits out behind a curtain, with everyone awear they were just sitting there waiting. After some proding, the grape had gone… Yep ran off, got bored but left an awful soreness. Larvly. An ultrasound showed nothing but an interesting insight to what your breast looks like. I just had to wait for the soreness to go and it was just youthful hormones.

That would be the end of that but well left tit was feeling a bit neglected in autumn 2015 and this time got in closer and made other bits harder. Really went for it. So back to the doctors to watch the doctor read the whole breast section in her book, however she actually advised something that got rid of the soreness primrose oil, works a treat!

But back to the hospital, clinic still in the same place and the doors are a nice light blue now. They also had the heating on full blast and to rectify this they opened the windows. After a metaphorical face palm I finished Grazia and finally went into the most lovely trainnie doctor and she gave my boobs a prod and found more hardness, ahh. This time I was calmer thinking it would of done its vanishing act again and we would all laugh but this time they ogled at my tits more worryingly.

Back to the ultrasound, with another trainee doctor we scanned them and I got slathered in gel. After the trainee we had the main guy, alas we had to get the main main women in. So by this point I had reached 6 people minus my boyfriend who had seen my tits that day, two extra people nurse in the ultrasound room and main doctor with the first trainee. It was a great day for them. However it was just hardness, I actually have no fat on them. I’m fat free baby and it appears my tits are too dense. So back to the light blue doors to be told keep on the primrose and probably sort my current lack of periods (from continually take the supporting pill to my implant) out which may be causing the problem and I did and we have been fine since.


I’ve been lucky my tits are just still exploring, being all fat free, growing and getting use to my contraception. Because of this we have got to know each other rather well and I can now notice changes. A lot of us have missed the chance being in the perfect place to learn how to check for these things, school, so we have to go to our new school, CoppaFeel. They will give you all the advice on how to check your boobies. And one thing I learnt when having them checked is actually there is a lot more our tits can flare up from, so don’t think the worst.



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